September 2017

Link to videos:https://vimeo.com/album/4667550


September 2/3  Week 1  (unit 25)  Jesus Was Anointed  

 EL Small group Sept 2/3rd    EL Large group Sept 2/3rd


September 9/10  Week 2   Jesus Cleansed the Temple

  EL Small group Sept 9/10th    EL Large group Sept 9/10th


September 16/17  Week 3   The Last Supper

EL Small group Sept 16/17th    EL Large group Sept 16/17th


September 23/24  Week 4   Jesus Was Arrested

EL Small group Sept 23/24th    EL Large group Sept 23/24th


October 2017

Link to videos: https://vimeo.com/album/4774077


Sep 30th/Oct 1st  Week 1  (unit 26)  Jesus' Crucifixion

Elementary SGL – Sept 29/Oct1st     Elementary LGL – Sept 29/Oct1st


October 7/8th  Week 2  Jesus' resurrection

Elementary SGL – Oct 7/8th      Elementary LGL – Oct 7/8th


October 14/15th  Week 3   The Emmaus Disciples

Elementary SGL – Oct 14/15th     Elementary LGL – Oct 14/15th


October 21/22nd  Week4 (unit 27)  Jesus Appeared to the Disciples

Elementary SGL – Oct 21/22nd       Elementary LGL – Oct 21/22nd


October 28/29th  Week5   Jesus and the Doubter

Elementary SGL – Oct 28/29th     Elementary LGL – Oct 28/29th









The Happy Song (click here for motions)

We Won't Be Quiet (click here for motions)

Our God (click here for motions)

I Will Follow You

Counting on God

Me Without You

God's Not Dead

This Little Light