Toddler, Preschool & Kindergarten

Toddlers, Preschool & Kinder CURRICULUM

February 2018

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February 3/4th  Week 1   Peter Visited Cornelius

Toddlers Feb 3/4th   Preschool Feb 3/4th   Kinder Feb 3/4th


February 10/11th  Week 2  Paul's Conversion and Baptism

Toddlers Feb 10/11th   Preschool Feb 10/11th   Kinder Feb 10/11th


February 17/18th  Week 3   Paul's First Journey

Toddlers Feb 17/18th   Preschool Feb 17/18th  Kinder Feb 17/18th


February 24/25  Week 4    The Message: "Christ Alone"

Toddlers Feb 24/25th   Preschool Feb 24/25th    Kinder Feb 24/25th



March 2018

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March 3/4th  Week 1 Paul's second Journey (30.4)

Toddlers Mar 3/4th   Preschool Mar 3/4th    Kinder Mar 3/4


March 10/11th  Week 2   Paul preached in Europe (30.5)

Toddlers March 10/11th    Preschool March 10/11th     Kinder March 10/11th


March 17/18th  Week 3    Paul's third journey (30.6)

Toddlers March 17/18th    Preschool March 17/18th    Kinder March 17/18th 


March 24/25th Week 4   -Palm Sunday-    Jesus' triumphl entry  (32.1)

Toddlers March 24/25th   Preschool March 24/25th  Kindergarten March 24/25th



April 2018

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April 31/1st Week 1  -Easter Sunday-   Jesus' Crucifixion and Resurrection (32.2)

April 7/8th  Week 2   Paul Confronted Peter (31.1)

April 14/15th  Week 3  The Church Was Divided (31.2)

April 21/22nd  Week 4   The Church Showed Favoritism (31.3)

April 28/29th  Week 5   Love One Another (31.4)