Do I need to register my child before visiting?
Nothing needs to be done ahead of time. Families can register children when they come to visit. Go to The Loop Welcome Desk at any one of our campuses and let us know you're visiting. We will quickly get the necessary information and get your family set up for any and all future visits.
How do I check-in and check-out my child?
Our check-in and check-out process is a computerized system. When you register your child(ren) you will receive a Family Scan tag (just like your key ring tag for the grocery store or gym). This tag can be scanned in at any check-in station and any campus, pulling up your family's information. At our self-run systems, use the touch screen to select the children you will dropping off that day, and then Print Tags. Stickers will print out at the station. One part of the sticker is your child's name tag and should go on your child's chest or back. The other part of the sticker is your receipt containing the randomly assigned code for your family that day. Keep the receipt with you and readily available; you will show your receipt to security to pick up your child at the end of the service.
Are you safe for children with allergies?
Knowing the severity and prevalence of peanut allergies, we are proud to say that all children's rooms in The Loop are peanut-free zones (including snacks that contain traces of nuts).Each week we serve graham crackers to our Early Childhood and Preschool children. When there is a special snack there are always alternatives for gluten and dairy allergies as well. Only food approved by service coordinators is allowed to be served.
When registering your children we ask for a list of any allergies so that it can be listed on the child's name tag. Our volunteers are carefully aware of any children with allergies. If your child has an EPI pen that you would like us to administer in the case of an emergency, please fill out a Medical Release Form at The Loop Welcome Desk. Bring the EPI pen clearly marked with your child's name and we will keep this readily available in your child's classroom.
Can I send a snack with my child?
Because of the severity of some allergies we do not allow children to bring their own snack to class. Graham crackers are provided for children in Early Childhood and Preschool. If your child has a special snack, please wait until you pick your child up to feed them their snack. If you would like to bring a snack for the entire class (child's birthday, etc.) then please get approval from the Service Coordinator to make sure it follows our allergy guidelines.
I have a child with special needs. Is he welcome to attend?
Children with special needs are always welcome. Please make us aware of your child's specific needs when you register and let us know their developmental age (versus their actual age). We will put them in the room where they can best participate developmentally. If your child needs a one-on-one buddy to function best in group settings, please contact the Service Coordinator of the service you plan on attending so we can make
What ages do you offer classes for?
Loop Kids – Park's Ministry for Kids – is for all children from birth through 5th grade.
Do you have programs during the week for kids?
Our midweek program for kids is called Loop ALIVE, which meets on Wednesday and Thursdays nights for two sessions (Fall and Winter) each year from 6:30-8:00pm. Click here for more information on Loop ALIVE. 
What if my child needs me during one of the services?
At all of our campuses we have a paging system that allows us to contact parents during the services. Each week when you check-in, your child receives a randomly assigned alpha-numeric code. If your child needs you at any point during the service (is sick, or inconsolable, etc.) then this code will appear at the bottom of the screen in your service. Please be aware of your child's code so you know when you are being paged and can get to The Loop quickly.
Do you allow sick children to still attend?
For the best interest of your child as well as those around him, we ask that you keep any sick children with you when you come to church. If we notice that your child has a fever, diarrhea, heavily running nose, or throws up, we will page you to come pick up your child immediately.
How can I help in The Loop?
This ministry only exists because of the caring and sacrificial hands of volunteers! If you are available to serve with Loop Kids please visit our Volunteers page to learn more about becoming a volunteer and to sign-up online, or email us at loopkids@parkcommunitychurch.org
What will my child be learning?
A hard-working team of staff and volunteers spend time planning and preparing the curriculum. Your child will learn from both the Old Testament and New Testament and will leave each week with a key verse from scripture to know and apply. Each year we create a theme that helps weave together the curriculum week to week. These themes allow your child to connect specific Biblical stories to larger Biblical concept- helping to create a foundation for strong Biblical theology. To learn more about our current curriculum, visit our curriculum page.
What is the screening process of the volunteers caring for my child?
The children's safety and security in Loop Kids is one of our highest priorities. We carefully select volunteers that will care for the best interests of your child. All volunteers are required to fill out an application and background check form. Background check forms are nationally run allowing us to see any background criminal information. Any applicant that seems a threat to the safety of the children will be asked to volunteer in another capacity. In addition, we enforce a rule that prevents any adult from being alone with a child. All volunteers are required to be in groups with more than one adult and/or more than one child.