Child Dedication

Child Dedication

Child Dedication Information:

Parenthood provides a unique calling, gifting, and responsibility from God. Due to the special relationship that God has given parents and children, along with the sheer amount of time that parents will spend with their children, a parent has more influence over a child’s spiritual development than anyone else!

When a parent makes a commitment to do all they can to help their children know, love, and follow Jesus Christ, that’s a commitment worth celebrating. Child dedication is an opportunity to celebrate parents making this public commitment to raise their child in accordance with the teachings of scripture. Child dedications also provide us with an opportunity to express our commitment as a church to helping families raise God-honoring kids. And we count it an honor to be entrusted with that incredible privilege.

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Upcoming Dates for Child dedication-

Orientation Meeting Dates:

Sunday, September 24th, 11am, Near North room 205/206


Dedication Dates:

October 22nd, 9 and 11 am services